My adventure starts in a cutesy town in the suburbs of Chicago. With my apartment not yet set up, I trekked out of my home to find a place to study. This was new to me. I was a homebody and doing work outside of my cozy home sounded like a nightmare. But as I strolled through the little town, I meandered my way towards the Starbucks on the corner anyway. A train rolled by. A fall breeze brushed my shoulders. The little cafe was bustling with students. An introverts terror, right?

Well, the fall and winter months all flew by. However, that first day, I discovered that I was actually extremely productive in cafes. Daily, I would walked the whole 300 meters from my apartment to my Starbucks. Eventually, it just made sense for me to work there since I was there all the time anyway. 

That March my heart found its passion. The community, the connection, the smell of coffee, the energy – it drew me in. My coworkers became my family. Coffee became my study companion. And the customers? They became my friends, the people I looked forward to seeing each day. They were not just people who came to buy coffee from Starbucks. No, they were individuals with unique stories and lives that together built the community that I cherished and loved.

My world expanded. I went to my first cafe outside of IL. Then out of the country. And I saw the most beautiful thing. Each and every cafe had this community. I would meet the most amazing souls in line for some caffeine. The stores inspired me. 

Online I went. Searching, I tried to find a coffee community. Where could I connect with this coffee community online? Did I have to travel and find the best coffee shops by trial and error? Did I have to make it halfway across the world to meet that girl that I’m best friends with? 

My journey led me to this. I mean, I have this passion and I see the others like me out there, why shouldn’t I create a site where we can all connect? 

So here I am. I’m Juliana. I want to meet you and learn your stories. I want to connect with you over coffee. Send me your story and tell me of your favorite coffee shop and I’ll put it on here. Who knows? Maybe you’ll meet your best friend on here (or just find the best coffee shop near you…) 

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