The French Press: How To


The French Press: How To

The French press method is a favorite with coffee-lovers. It allows the grounds and the water to intertwine – making each taste b0lder and more flavor-filled than plain drip brewed coffee.

Most French presses come designed to make a liter of coffee. Be sure to check if your French press holds more or less.

Roast: Any desired

Grind: French press {or} Extremely Course


  1. Pour hot water into your clean French press and mug. This will warm them and enhance the flavors. 
  2. While the hot water sits in your containers, grind and prepare your coffee beans.
  3. Measure out .12 grams or 4-5 tablespoons grounds.
  4. Dump out the water in the French press.
  5. Pour your grounds into the bottom of the French press.
  6. Slowly pour water on top of the grounds. Be sure to not pour straight down the middle, but around the sides as well in order to moisten all the grounds. 
  7. (Optional) Take a large spoon and scoop the top layer of foam off. This will give your press a lighter and not-as-bold flavor.
  8. Cover with the press making sure NOT to push down on the handle. Wait 4-5 minutes  , depending on your desired taste. 
  9. Press down slowly in order to push all grounds to the bottom. 
  10. Pour immediately. The longer the grounds mix with the water, the more bitter the flavor becomes. 
  11. Pair! Read your coffee label and find what kind of food will enhance the flavor of your coffee.


  • Lessen or lengthen the time you brew for a lighter or bolder taste
  • Add and take away scoops of grounds in order to enhance or lighten the flavor 
  • Experiment to find how you like your coffee!! 
  • Try pairing with food and leaving your coffee black


French Presses:

  1. Starbucks. This is the one I own and I absolutely love mine. It’s a great quality with markings for the liter and half liter points. It also comes with a  timer and coffee scoop. I love its minimalist design! (Note: they only carry the copper color currently, I have the silver and wood version.) 
  2. Urban Outfitters. My Starbucks uses a version of this French press. It’s so easy to clean as all the pieces are made to be disassembled and reassembled. The glass and copper will conduct heat faster, allowing your coffee to be ready at a slightly lower temperature than that of a steel French press. 



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