Story Coffee Company

                           Story Coffee Company Website


A getaway was desperately needed. Her and I grabbed our bags and drove sixteen hours to Colorado Springs. The first morning in my hometown found us in historic downtown Colorado Springs. Our first stop? Coffee, of course. As I walked in, things were a little odd. It was not what you would picture a typical cafe to be, yet it was. It was small, but very charming. The odd part was the woman just sitting on the floor surrounded by the toys of her baby. The cafe was tiny, and I could hardly reach the front without stepping on something. I received my coffee in a timely manner, though, when we sat down, the atmosphere was loud and we felt we could not have a private conversation in the miniature space. The lattes were extremely overpriced and the quality was less than satisfactory. As I left, I made a mental note that this was not the place to go into to study, but to grab a quick cup of coffee, maybe it was the place to run to. 


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