Better Buzz

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Better Buzz Website

My love for coffee sprang up unexpectedly one September afternoon. I had just moved to a new town and didn’t know where the best places to go eat or study were yet. I simply found the nearest Starbucks and sat down to do some homework. Time springs forward and I found myself working as a barista in that very same store. At first it was merely a job, but it developed to become my passion. As I traveled, I tried coffee all over the world. Comparing, tasting. For some time I searched for a blog or source that could help me find the best coffee all over the world. Sure, some writers would write a post here or there mentioning where to go for this or that, but I wanted to sit down and find just one source. Eventually, I gave into my desire to have a blog and started The Coffee Connect. Connecting individuals through one cup of coffee at a time. 

I’ll take you to one of my favorite coffee shops of all time first. Encinitas, California is a small town just outside of San Diego. It’s beaches and hippy culture make for a wonderful getaway. While their food is phenomenal, their coffee is even better. Better Buzz was the first cafe I walked into on this vacation. Warm day, the doors were open, a slight breeze flowing through the cafe as friends chatted and the click-clack of keyboards could be heard. Though there were few in line, the time crawled as the barista chatted with each customer. The well-designed store caught my attention. And the store’s stock was amazing. They had coffees, mugs, juices, snacks, syrups, and more lining the left wall. My slightly overpriced latte was worth its cost as the atmosphere and quality of my beverage were more than satisfactory. I stole my first sip and the rich, creamy milk flavor hit my taste buds. The shots were bold, but not bitter or burnt. I left the store with my companion, making a mental note to come back to Better Buzz Encinitas one day. 




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